Spiritual Care and Service

At Redmond-Sisters Hospice we respect your right to choice to accept or deny spiritual and/or religious care. Should you desire care, however, our hospice chaplain or spiritual care coordinator will be happy to meet in person to discuss your wishes.

We believe it is important to offer both religious and non-religious components of spiritual care as prescribed by our clients' wishes. We understand that a person's faith, or spirituality, may or may not be expressed in traditional religious terms-a large percentage of our clients having lived their entire lives with little to no involvement in an organized spiritual setting. Still, many, if not most, do believe in God, or a Higher Power, but may simply embrace their spiritual connection through nature and/or through personal behaviors and experiences.

Some have heartbreaking stories of alienation from their churches or faith traditions; others remain connected as traditional believers. In all cases, we tread gently, honoring each person in a place where they are at ease.

Some areas where our chaplain can be of assistance are as follows :

  • Discussion around life's meaning and achievements
  • Developing a deeper awareness of spiritual strength
  • A need for spiritual conversation and fellowship
  • Re-evaluate or examine spiritual beliefs
  • Consider beliefs in an afterlife
  • Reconcile family relationships, feelings, guilt and life choices
  • Meditation and prayer or religious rituals