Memorial Items

Since 2000, Redmond-Sisters Hospice has had the good fortune to have a beautiful memorial garden where members of the community can come to memorialize their loved ones. Often times family members of a deceased loved one will want to purchase one of the below gifts to place in our garden. Your memorial will remain in our garden and may serve as a convenient and beautiful place for you to come in remembrance.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are a wonderful way to remember family, friends and those individuals who influence our lives. Because many of our loved ones and friends choose to be cremated at the end of life, we often don't have a place to go to remember them. Memorial gifts may give you the opportunity to create the location in which you wish to remember those individuals.
Redmond-Sisters Hospice has a wonderful memorial rose garden that families, friends, community members and volunteers began work on in 2000. In the garden are memorial gifts of bricks, rocks, bird baths, plaques and benches engraved with the names of loved ones who family and friends wanted to remember.

Memorial Bricks, Rocks, Plaques, Art work, Bird Baths, & Benches

These memorial items offer a wonderful opportunity to remember your family and friends. In addition, they provide a generous gift to Redmond-Sisters Hospice that enhances our daily work and interactions with other patients and families.

Bricks: These are red bricks that measure 2½"x3½"x7½" and are engraved with the name of your loved one. At $100 each or $200 for 3, the donor may wish to leave one in the Hospice Rose Garden and place the other two in a location of their choosing.

Rocks: The rocks are grey and measure approximately 2" high by10" in diameter and are engraved with the name of your loved one at $100 each. The rocks may be placed where you would like to remember the individual.

Plaques: The plaques are mounted on a 4"x4" post with the name of the loved one you wish to memorialize for $150. The donor may place the plaques where they want to remember the loved one.

Bird Baths: The Bird Baths come in a variety of styles and colors with a plaque on a 4"x4" post next to it to memorialize your loved one for $250.

Benches: Benches will vary in design, with the loved one memorialized on a plaque centered on the bench for $500.

Memorial Gifts for Purchase

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