Donate Online or By Mail

Redmond-Sisters Hospice needs your help. Your monetary, tax deductible donation ensures our ability to help comfort and inspire courage in the families of our community in their time of need. You can make a contribution today through the secure PayPal site.

To make a donation to a specific program, please note that program in the designated message box in the "Pay Pal" or "Just Give" forms.
Or, please make your check payable to Redmond-Sisters Hospice and mail it to:
Redmond-Sisters Hospice 732 SW 23rd Redmond, OR 97756

Outright Gifts

There are many ways to make outright gifts to Redmond-Sisters Hospice. The following information is intended to help you through this process.

Cash: A cash gift is the simplest way to support Redmond-Sisters Hospice and has an immediate impact on patients, their families and our Hospice programs. Cash or credit card gifts can be made as a one-time gift or as monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions and are deductible for income tax purposes in the year in which they are given (up to 50% of adjusted gross income for the taxable year.)*
Actual cash should always be hand-delivered to our office, rather than being sent by mail.

Stocks & Securities: One of the most helpful ways for a donor to make a gift to Redmond-Sisters Hospice is the donation of appreciated securities. This would include appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares held for more than one year. Gifts of appreciated securities entitle you to an immediate income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities and bypass the payment of a capital gains tax on the transfer of the securities.

The best stocks to donate are those that have increased greatly in value, particularly those producing low yields. If you own stock, which has dropped in value below your cost, you may want to consider selling it and donating proceeds from the sale to Hospice. Selling the stock will enable you to claim a capital loss deduction on your income tax return, and donating the proceeds will allow you to claim an income tax deduction for your charitable contribution.*

The most common and convenient way to give securities is through electronic transfer from your brokerage account to Hospice's brokerage account. You simply inform your broker or bank that you wish to transfer securities to Hospice and state the number of shares you wish to give. Please instruct your broker or bank to transfer the securities into the account for Hospice.
Stock certificates can be delivered to your local broker with instructions to hold for the account of designated project and instructions from Hospice. You or your broker should immediately inform Hospice that the stock is being held, and the Hospice development staff will advise your broker concerning its disposition. For details on electronic transfer of securities or transferring gifts of stock, call us at (541) 548-7483.


Non-cash Gifts: A non-cash gift, also called a in-kind gift, is a non-monetary contribution of personal property or professional services that benefits Redmond-Sisters Hospice in a variety of ways. These important gifts help offset the cost of purchasing equipment, materials and other needs for Hospice. In-kind gifts can typically be split into two different categories: those used for a specific program and those used for fundraising purposes.

In-Kind Gifts Used For Programs: One of the biggest costs for Hospice is the need for upgraded equipment in our programs. Your gift of equipment has immediate impact on our capability to deliver the services necessary for our patients and their families. Talk with the development staff to confirm the need for your donation. We can make sure your gift will provide the best use possible.

* The information on this page is not presented as tax advice. Please consult your professional tax advisor to fully understand how your gift may benefit your tax status.

Examples of In-Kind Gifts

Donated equipment:

  • Up-to-date computers
  • Vehicles
  • Building materials for handicap ramps
  • Medical equipment
  • Books and subscriptions

In-Kind donations for fundraising:

  • Gift baskets, gift certificates for products and services
  • Tickets (music, theatre, sports events, travel, etc.)
  • Vacation home and rental property at various times throughout the year
  • Use of facilities, food, beverages, or decorations for fundraising events
  • Event sponsorships and cause-related marketing
  • Professional services and expertise