Common Concerns & Questions

What if there isn't a terminal diagnosis but I/we still need help? At Redmond-Sisters Hospice we understand the needs of patients who have a life-limiting illness but who have not received a terminal diagnosis. These patients may or may not be receiving curative treatments. Whatever the case we will be happy to visit with you and to discuss the ways that we might be of help. For more information, please visit the Transitions program segment of our web site under our Support and Services link.

Can I change my mind for any reason? Yes, receiving hospice care is a personal choice and as such you may change your mind about receiving care at any time. Should you decide to again pursue curative treatment for your illness you can be discharged from the program by your physician. If your health again declines, you can return to hospice care.

Are all hospices the same or connected in some way? No, all hospices are not the same. Each Hospice is an independent organization and is separate from any other state or federal healthcare group. Many hospice groups are non-profit organizations, some are privately owned for-profit and some are extensions of larger care centers and hospitals.