Camp Sunrise

Camp Sunrise is a camp for children age 7-14 in Central Oregon who have experienced the recent death of a loved one. The camp is open to 40 children each year who reside in Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook Counties and is free of charge. The 12th annual three-day, two-night camp experience will be held June 17-19 near Suttle Lake.

Camp Sunrise provides an emotionally safe and supportive environment for children who have had a recent loss. Structured games, music, art, stories and other therapies teach bereaved campers about grief and how to understand their feelings. With support by a professional, trained staff and volunteers, children share their experiences and gain skills to help them through the healing process. Youth are referred to the program from a variety of sources including schools, churches, counselors and organizations/agencies serving youth and families.

Hospice counselors interview the children and their caregivers, prior to camp, to verify they are appropriate for this camp experience. During the interview, we explain the purpose and premise of the program so families are prepared to participate.

In addition, we offer specially designed sessions for parents, which provide skills to strengthen their understanding of how to be an effective support system for their children.

We invite you to from previous campers.


More about Camp Sunrise

Camp Sunrise is founded on the understanding that every child deserves the opportunity to grieve in a safe, supportive, and understanding environment. With loving support, children grieving a death can share their experience with acceptance as they move through the healing process. Support for parents and caregivers will further enhance the grieving child's journey to health.
Funding for Camp Sunrise comes from private foundations, individuals, families, businesses and service clubs in our community.